ROLE - Lead Strategist CouchSurfing is a hospitality exchange website that fosters inter-cultural understanding between hosts and travelers. CHALLENGE - While, the world was surfing one couch at a time. CS as a brand had arrived at a crossroad of 1 million members and redefining its core purpose. The key challenge was to meet the brands philanthropic agenda with a viable business model that would sustain itself in the long run. This had to start with asking some key questions and defining the brands purpose. RESEARCH - Traveling the world and working with users and volunteers across Asia, Europe and America I was able to map the aspirations of the community with the vision of the founders. A series of brand workshops with the key founders led to a clarification of their brand, vision and relevant corporate decisions there after. NEW VISION We envision a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection. Couchsurfers share their lives with the people they encounter, fostering cultural exchange and mutual respect. WEBSITE/ LOOK & FEEL RESULT - In 2011 CS changed it'S status from a not for profit to a B-corporation retaining its values and core vision. This further led to $7.6 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and Omidyar Network ROLE - Lead Strategist Buy My Time is a online auctioning platform for celebrity experiences. TASK - Position the brand in a way that it attracts young high network individuals to buy the time of bollywood, cricket and football celebrities. RESEARCH - With a series of One-on-one conversations with younger, high networth millionares in Mumbai it became clear that celebrity access was not a concern for this audience. They are able to connect or buy their time if they desire. What makes them tick is the idea of acting on a purpose working towards the better good and being one with the celebrities while doing that. CAMPAIGN - Change lives one experience at a time. ROLE : Senior Planner Ichiqoo is a door to door trip planner for travelers seeking experiences in Asia CHALLENGE - Differentiating Ichiqoo among the plethora of online travel portals offering cheaper than cheap prices. RESEARCH - After having a thorough competitive overview of the travel brands and portals that are focused in Asia, it became evident that budget travel is sold like a commodity of ‘cheaper the better‘. The overall communication is not differentiated from county to country, highlighting on beaches, resorts and wildlife. Talking to a few travelers and their escapades in Asia, we found that the stories that touched travelers the most had to do with the people of Asia i.e. the hospitality, the recommendations, invitations and authentic experiences. STRATEGY - Asia is made of its people. CAMPAIGN - I am Asia, Come know me ! ROLE - UX Researcher/ Conceptor Ripple cards is a simple and disruptive way in which business cards can be exchanged via mobile. TASK - What does it mean to have a virtual business card. Extend the possibilities of a virtual card in the context of modern day networking. USER - While, business cards are a very generic utility, it was important to first define the core audience who would adopt to virtual business cards. While doing this, we realised that the most relevant audience would be the young pool of creatives and entrepreneurs who dig deeper than designations. Who are seeking out for collaborators and partners with varied skillsets and a real world meeting is not a mandate anymore to share business cards. DROP BOWLS - Eliminating the need to physically meet and create new opportunities for exchange of contact information lead us to the idea of drop bowls. The drop bowl feature made it possible for ripple cards to be dropped into and exchanged with like minded collaborators across the world, or in public spaces and large events. RESULT - Over 200 dropbowls created so far inclusive of tech giants, startup hubs and manufacturing units. LINK - TRAVEL HOSPITALITY ONLINE TIME AUCTIONS WEB APPLICATION MOBILE APPLICATION