"They (Weber Shandwick Sport ) demonstrated not only a track record of launching new sports properties and changing consumer behaviour, but also an energy, passion and determination to work with us on this major new sporting series"


- Karl Oliver, The Chief Executive of the British Champions Series

   (Source : PR Week, SportsPro Media in January 2011)

ROLE - Strategic Planner CHALLENGE - Horse racing is loosing its relevance and connection with young England becoming a sport reserved for the older generation. How can a passion for the sport be ignited among the younger generation ? RESEARCH - Diving into sports psychology and the evolution of England's deep connection with sports like football, cricket and darts, the connection between national pride and sports became undeniable. Gaza crying after England lost the World Cup semi final in 1990 against west Germany was a turning point for the nations sentiments towards football. Similarly newspapers carried headlines such as "English Dartsmen beat Kiwi Dartsmen" in the 60's which let to the rising popularity of Darts in England. In 2010 Amy Williams won the gold medal at Vancouver Winter Olympics and there was an increase in the number of school children who joined the sport. Through these examples it became evident that a nations international acclaim in a sport increases collective pride and engagement in a sport. INSIGHT - England has long been the best in the world of horse racing, through qualitative research we came to realize that young England is unaware of this fact. The audience seemed uninterested in the sport until the point they were made aware that England is the best in the world of horse racing. STRATEGY - 'Best of British’ , Screening horse racing in the best of british art, design and sport. Collaborations with brands like British brands like Burberry to broadcast horse racing in youth hangouts and subways. RESULT - Pitch won ! ROLE - Strategic Planner CHALLENGE - What can motivate 750,000 people sign up to join team green britain in various inspiring activities leading to ‘great britain day’ INSIGHT - With a series of qualitative interviews we found out that consumers wish to do their bit for the environment, however feel that their efforts would be too small and insignificant. STRATEGY - Make an impact by Joining Team Green Britain ! RESULT- The team smashed the target of getting 750,000 people to pledge to reduce their carbon footprint: almost one million people have now promised to change their behaviour on www.teamgreenbritain.org. Team Green Britain 2010 also succeeded in delivering a far higher percentage of positive coverage of Green Britain Day compared with 2009. Negative coverage was down from 11.5% in 2009 to just 1.5%, with the remaining 98.5% positive. Two-thirds of the 566 articles were EDF Energy-branded, and coverage of EDF appeared for the first time in women’s magazines including Hello!, Company, Grazia and Woman & Home. The campaign had a reach of 225m, and delivered £1.75mn AVE. The coverage included 12 items on national television compared to just three in 2009. The campaign also met the objective of raising awareness of EDF as an Olympic sponsor: spontaneous awareness of EDF Energy as the most recalled Olympic sponsor rose by 7%, against a target of 5%. AWARDS - PRCA, Corporate Social Responsibility Award, 2011 ROLE - Senior Planner CHALLENGE - Handhold 35 million subscribers through a brand transition from Hutch to Vodafone INSIGHT - Hutch was long considered the most loved brand in India. The Pug became iconic to the brand, and closely linked to the attachment consumers had with the brand. Hence, using the pug to deliver positive story on change became very important. SOLUTION - Change is good. RESULT - Day-after brand recall for Vodafone was 80% – proclaimed by the industry and media as one of the best brand-launches the country has ever seen. 35 million customers transitioned seamlessly into brand Vodafone. Within six months of launch, it became the brand of choice for over 44 million subscribers. AWARDS - EMIES gold for best film in overall brand category.